Does Your Pup Feel Left Out When You Go On Vacation?

Bring your pup to Home Away Pet Spa for their very own vacation!

Are you tired of seeing those puppy dog eyes when you leave your pooch with a sitter? Expose your pets to a new and stimulating environment. Home Away Pet Spa provides pet boarding in Newburgh, Indiana, and we can't wait to meet your crew.

Our gentle and caring staff will nurture your cats or dogs while you rest and relax. We can also shampoo and groom animals for a small extra fee.

As long as your pet's vaccinations are up to date, he or she is welcome at Home Away. Call 812-490-7011 for more information about Newburgh's preferred pet spa. Ready to reserve a space at our kennels? Book online - the process is convenient and hassle-free.

3 ways to prepare your animals for their vacation

  1. Pack your pet's preferred food: this is especially important if your pet has a sensitive stomach or specific dietary needs.
  2. Bring along one or two toys: you shouldn't crowd your pet's kennel, but a familiar toy can cure homesickness.
  3. Remember the medication: include a few extra doses - just in case a flight is delayed or you have to extend your vacation.

When in doubt, contact Newburgh, Indiana's reputable pet boarding center for more information. We want your dogs and cats to feel right at home!

Home Away partners with the Warrick Humane Society

Did you know that all our profits go directly to the Warrick Humane Society? As animal lovers, we do our best to protect homeless cats and dogs. This Newburgh organization runs a no-kill shelter, and we want its doors to stay open. When you patronize Home Away Pet Spa, you're helping to save the lives of defenseless animals throughout Newburgh.

Thank you for supporting our cause!

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